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I/M Program Solutions

BanaLogic Corporation is a product design and engineering company specializing in the vehicle inspection and maintenance industry.  The company has developed a number of innovative products including safety and emissions analyzers, on-board diagnostics devices, and Artificial Intelligence computing systems. 

For almost two decades, BanaLogic has been supplying products and technology to the automotive industry,  fortune 500 companies and  government agencies to manage vehicle inspection programs. Our management team has been involved in providing I/M Solutions to a variety of program since 1998. Check out our industry innovations here.

Graphic Chart

Data Management Systems

Data powers everything

Our goal is to accurately collect the data data turn it into information, and this information into insight.

Car Mechanic

Testing Equipment

Expert Design Team

Innovative testing products and forward thinking solutions.

Call Center Headset

Support Systems

Not to be forgotten

Interconnected system can improve efficiency and accountability.


Audit Management Solutions

Quality assurance is key

Quality is never an accident. It's always the result of intelligent effort looking in the right place. 

Government Building

Government Reporting

Meeting Regulations

Business reporting is not dealing with objects, it is dealing with relationships between objects.

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