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OSKAR - The Mobile Inspector

Designed for the Oregon DEQ Too™ Program, OSKAR - The Mobile Inspector, provides Hosts, Dealerships and Fleet Operators the ease and convenience of completing an (OBD) On Board Diagnostic test at their own location. OSKAR – The Mobile Inspector provides improved usability features that our customers have asked for! OSKAR is simple to use, it can read a vehicle’s emissions' health by plugging into the vehicles OBDII port, the user is then guided through step by step instructions using audio and visual prompts and in less than a minute the inspection is complete.

Oskar transmits results that meet the specifications, terms and conditions of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's (DEQ) remote OBD program.

Reasons to choose our solution:

  • Easy to use User Interface

  • Works Off-line - Inspections can be stored and sent when next connected to the network

  • Inspection List stored on the device to allow user to quickly check inspection history and transmission status

  • Direct links to DEQ website from the device to acquire test results

  • Text based communication to our technical support team through the support menu

  • Optional use 6ft extension cable provided to allow ease of use in plugging the OBD Dongle and viewing status

  • One device has the ability to operate in both HOST and DEALER mode (great for car-dealerships!)

  • Free hardware/software upgrades.  Only pay for what you use - get started for $99. View Agreement

Program details can be found at*

To get connected with a device contact our sales team at 866.853.6320 or email to start the process.

* BanaLogic does not have an exclusive arrangement with Oregon DEQ to provide the device or this service and DEQ does not endorse BanaLogic over any other telematics provider.

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