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Protect yourself from out of warranty costs

for less than $2.50 a day

Our all-inclusive warranty service is just that. We cover all components of the system including cables (except printer consumables - toner/drum). Our experienced customer care team is ready to help you. Don't delay and ensure your equipment is covered. You can view the agreement here.

The benefits includes:

  • No charge for replacement parts or labor on all equipment repairs

  • Toll-free priority access to our customer care team for questions and trouble-shooting

  • Free field support, if required

  • Free, next business day hardware replacements

  • Monthly** & Annual payment plans available.

Sign-Up Now

$900 / Year or $75/Month

** Do not sign-up for monthly payments if you require immediate service as there is a 7-day waiting period.


Not interested in warranty coverage, that's okay repair services available at 1.866.853.6320. Visit the Drive Clean PA e-store for replacement items.

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