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BanaLogic's Emission Testing equipment, affectionately known as PENN!E is certified by the state to be used in all 25  counties that are covered under the PA Drive Clean Program. BanaLogic's machine is the only one developed ground-up for the new program requirements that were effective November 2019. 

Built with our most advanced technology to provide optimum performance, reliability and ease of use.  Most importantly, we stand behind our product – At BanaLogic customer service is an attitude, not a department!

Looking to buy an analyzer, service agreement, or parts online.  Visit our e-store.

Want to know more about our product and services?  Call our team at 1.866.853.6320 #1.

Looking for technical support? From your analyzer Technician Menu, Get Help. SMS us at 717.423.8450 or call us at 1.866.853.6230 #3.

Looking for information on the 2020 software upgrade. It's free - to download.

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