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BanaLogic PENN!E is approved as Pennsylvania Drive Clean Inspection Program Equipment

Oct 2018

Banalogic is pleased to announce that PENN!E is approved as the OBD and VISUAL Emissions Equipment for the revised Drive Clean program coming online later this year.  The new program offers a host of improvements including enhanced testing security, increased inspection history, and improved OBD vehicle connectivity.

Banalogic’s PENN!E inspection analyzer has been engineered to work efficiently and  specifically with the Pennsylvania Drive Clean system to provide best in class performance, reliability with energy efficient operation.  Our engineers worked hard to build an efficient software interface designed with the technician in mind to help improve workflow and minimize common user input errors.

PENN!E’s attractive ergonomic design has been crafted to improve technician workflow and comfort with adjustable monitor and worktable heights and has exclusive gas cap adapter storage within easy reach.  PENN!E’s wireless OBD interface has an integrated 2D barcode scanner that charges and self–tests while docked to the workstation. 

Gas cap testing is also wireless and the tester also docks and charges on the workstation. PENN!E’s solid-state PC operates without the need of a fan to keep shop dust out of the system. We’ve even designed two large cupholders at each end of the work table to store pens, pencils and even cups!

PennDOT has designated a final transition date for all active emissions inspection stations to be running OBD and Visual inspection equipment meeting the new specifications.  It is expected that all stations will be using new equipment no later than November 1, 2019. Emissions Inspection Stations that have not updated to OBD and Visual inspection equipment meeting the new specifications will not be permitted to perform emissions inspections after November 1, 2019, until they receive and activate new inspection equipment.

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