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Check-out the family of products we currently offer. If you are looking for more details, a new customer looking to purchase, or an existing customer looking for parts and/or service you can get the information below.  If you are a distributor looking to carry any of our products please reach out to us on the contact page to speak to one of our customer care team.


Drive-Thru Touch-Less

 Alignment Check

Designed for car dealerships with drive-thru customer in-take. Visit the product website for more details.  Looking for warranty/service on existing product? Check our E-Store

DEQTOO Mobile Tester

Oskar The Mobile Inspector

Looking for a remote OBD Self-Test. This version is designed for the Oregon DEQToo program. It can be easily adopted to all program. How to sign-up for the DEQToo program, and why Oskar? We have the answers.

Intelligent damage detection. Designed to provide a more efficient vehicle in-take process. Automatically capture any pre-existing damage.  See our latest additional to our family of products.

Pennsylvania - PENN!E

Our Emissions Inspection equipment is certified for all counties the PA Drive Clean Program.  See why our brand is carried by more of the major distributors.

North Carolina - NC!E

In North Carolina since 2008 - meet our 2nd generation of the North Carolina Emissions Inspection equipment upgraded in 2019.  Purchase today!

I/M Program Tools

Our CARS product, Compliance analysis reporting system is part of our suite of products for a complete I/M program for a small to medium size inspection program. Reach out to our team for more information.

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